Magnesium test MBreda

Magnesium test MBreda

Use of the MBreda Magnesium Test Kit:

  1. Transfer 2 ml of aquarium water into the glass tube
  2. Solution A: Add 3 drops Solution
  3. B: (Shake the bottle before use) Add 3 drops and shake to homogenize Solution
  4. C: Place the micro nozzle that comes with the kit in the dispenser (1 ml syringe) fill with solution C up to the 1 ml mark, note that there is an indication on the plunger nozzle (rubber) where it should be at the 1 ml mark after full. This indication point will be used for reading after the titration of the solution.
  5. Add solution C drop by drop into the glass tube, stirring well after each drop, until the color changes from wine to blue, then read the final marking on the meter.
  6. Use the conversion table to define the amount of magnesium Mg.

See the Kit usage illustration:

Determination of Magnesium:

The MBreda Test Mg analysis kit is based on complexation reactions between magnesium elements and a chemical ligand, according to the reaction below:

This reaction has high stability under the operating conditions produced, reacting preferentially with Ca2+ and Mg2+ species.

The procedure is based on sequential analyses, performing the calcium analysis first and then the Mg analysis, this order must be followed because the affinity of calcium with the ligand is higher than that of magnesium.

It is recommended to perform calcium analysis and correction before Mg2+ analysis. If you consider that the concentration of Ca in the aquarium water is adequate, consider the concentration of 420 ppm of Ca2+ as a reference for the determination in the table that accompanies the analysis kit.

For the analysis of Mg, solution A has the function of adapting the reaction medium to make the reagents selective for the determination of Magnesium, solution B is a complexation indicator that shows when we have reached the end point of the titration and solution C is the which defines the concentration of magnesium in solution.

The gradual addition of solution C must be accompanied by vigorous stirring to ensure complete reaction. The color change from red to blue indicates the end of the analysis.

The ligand reacts preferentially to calcium and subsequently to magnesium, for this reason the table that defines the concentration must be correlated with the calcium concentration and the volume spent in the titration indicates the magnesium concentration in the water.

For example, if the concentration of Ca in the water is 400 ppm and the volume remaining in the syringe after the titration was 0.18 ml, this indicates a magnesium concentration of 1300 ppm.

Correction of magnesium concentration in the aquarium:

When the magnesium concentration is below the ideal for aquariums with corals, it is important to supplement with Reef Basis C MBreda® for marine aquariums.

To define the amount to be added, use the formula below:

Where: Reef Basis C mass = MBreda product for magnesium supplementation for marine aquariums. The result expresses the mass in grams of the solid product that must be added to the aquarium.

See Reef Basis C usage recommendations.

Mg(intended) = Magnesium concentration you want to achieve in the aquarium. Express the result in ppm. Ideally for marine aquariums with corals the value is 1200 to 1400 ppm.

Mg(current) = Current magnesium concentration of aquarium water, determined by the MBreda Analysis Kit.

V(Aquarium) = Aquarium water volume expressed in liters.


Volume of water in the aquarium = 100 L

Magnesium concentration determined by the Mbreda kit = 800 ppm of Mg

Desired Magnesium Concentration for Aquarium Water = 1300 ppm Mg


1) Reef Basis C mass (g) = (Mg(intended) – Mg(current) x V(Aquarius) x 0.004

2) Reef Basis C mass (g) = (1300 - 800) x 100 x 0.004

3) Reef Basis C Mass (g) = (500) x 100 x 0.004

4) Mass of Reef Basis C (g) = 200 g


Addition of 200 g of Reef Basis C in 100 L of water as recommended by the product.

Precision and accuracy of the Mg MBreda Test Kit

Precision: 50 ppm +/- 3% reading

Accuracy: 100 ppm

Number of tests that can be made with the Magnesium MBreda test kit:

Calculation made according to the Mg concentration and solutions available in the Kit.


Chloride, Hydroxide, ammonia, titration solution, EDTA, distilled water

Guidelines and care:

Use the Mg Test Kit in a ventilated place.

Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Corrosive liquid can cause skin burns and eye damage.


Wear gloves and goggles.

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