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MBreda aquarium products manufacturing is a Brazilian company started in 2007.

Works in the development and construction:

  • Soil for aquatic plants
  • Fine soil for aquatic plants
  • Porous soil for biology aquarium
  • Special acidification soil for Discus
  • Special Sand for monster fish
  • Special Sand for mimicry fish
  • Special Sand luminous aquarium
  • Special two color sand
  • Fertilizers for aquarium plants
  • Carbon fertilizer for aquarium plants
  • Water conditioners
  • Water clarifier technology
  • Mineral water filtration resin
  • Soil for saltwater aquarium
  • Black Soil for saltwater aquarium
  • pH accuracy test
  • GH accuracy test
  • Ca accuracy test
  • Mg accuracy test
  • KH accuracy test
  • Salt Supplements for saltwater aquarium
  • Supplements calcium saltwater aquarium
  • Supplements magnesium saltwater aquarium
  • Supplements KH alkaline reserve saltwater aquarium
  • Supplements Bio calcium saltwater aquarium
  • Natural rocks for freshwater
  • Artificial rocks for freshwater
  • Artificial rocks sea preservation for saltwater aquarium
  • Roots for freshwater aquarium
  • Products diversity for fresh and salt water aquarium

Our work and vision of the future

The greatest expression of our efforts is in the love of the hobby. With a lot of knowledge and research, we develop superior and innovative products, resulting in quality products that show a difference in aquarium setups.

We build high quality products that offer solutions and positive results for our customers' aquariums. We offer full partnership and transparency with our reseller and distributor customers, with the partnership we are growing every year, with encouraging results.

Our company is aware of the sustainable results that are achieved through quality relationships.

We are constantly looking for innovations and solutions for fishkeeping and this is how we continue to grow with the best products.

CEO: Max Rubens Breda.

Mbreda Aquapaisagismo & Marinho

Mbreda is a 100% Brazilian industry that for 16 years has been manufacturing products and supplements for freshwater, reef and aquascaping.

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